Nataley Freeman

A featured soloist at Chepstow Community Big Band, and a worship leader at her local church, 24-year-old Nat is now launching her first album. And here’s how she did it.

Between January and May 2021, Nat recorded the vocals for the songs for Empty Nest in her own home studio, using Logic Pro, and then sent them over to Fiona. It was a true lockdown project: Nat and Fiona didn’t meet once during the project, but worked remotely throughout. At the beginning of January, she was actually just recovering from Covid, and in June 2021, she gave birth to her first child. Please, people. This woman is seriously awesome.

Nat’s pretty quiet, so we’ve gathered what her friends say about her:

“I thought Natty was sweet and shy, then someone put a microphone in front of her and I realised concealed behind the shy exterior was a set of vocal chords with power.”

“Nat can be quiet, but when she sings, that’s when she comes alive, that’s when her strength and power shine through.”

“She absolutely loves creme eggs.”

Check out more music sung by Nat, including many of her own songs. Here’s one she wrote:

Nat sang one of the songs from Empty Nest at the motherhood event.

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