What people are saying…

Here’s what people are saying about Empty Nest, the album:

“Absolutely beautiful. Very emotionally connected. I don’t think anyone, from teens to 80s, would listen to any of it without being completely touched”.

Tabitha Webb – West End singer, Christine in Phantom of the Opera and Cosette in Les Miserables

“So so lovely. They really do lend themselves to a staged production of some sort. Such a poignant subject, beautifully sung.”

Chris Eaton – songwriter for Cliff Richard

“What power and emotion, it nearly blew me over.”

Steven Faux – composer

“Nat brings such quality and emotion to the lyrics.”

A local mother

“I listened to the songs and although I had never talked to Fiona about my experience as a mother, I felt like she was telling my story. It resonated with me on every level.”

A local grandmother