Eunice’s Workshops

Hi I’m Eunice and I am exploring motherhood for my final body of work for my degree at Hereford College of Art, having been inspired by the Empty Nest Project. Throughout March and April 2022 I am running workshops that give women the opportunity to creatively add their voice to this project.

If you run a community group for women and would be interested in taking part please contact Eunice for more information or text 07434 710770

Key information:

No creative experience needed.

Eunice will facilitate a creative response using mixed media on fabric discs with glue and stitch

No more than 10 women (18+) in a group

2 hour session plus set up and clear away.

Time and date subject to availability

What people have said

I started off with it being quite dark but as I worked my work got brighter.

It was good to be able to create something I was proud of.

I enjoyed it, especially hearing other women’s experiences.