Eunice’s creative work…inspired by the Empty Nest project

A big thank you to all the women who took part in the creative motherhood workshops. Thank you for your honesty, stories and the inspiration you were to me. Particular thanks to Hereford College of Arts, Forest and Wye Community Church, ArtSpace at Hereford Mind, Glebe Chapel and Grace in Chepstow for facilitating the space to run these workshops.

Ninety responses were created in the community and these were exhibited alongside my own work which  formed my final degree show which was exhibited in June 2022 at Hereford Art College and also a selection exhibited at the graduate show Portal 2022 at Llantarnam Grange in September, October 2022. The response to the work has been very positive and moving for many who engaged with the work.

It was such a joy and achievement to graduate with a first class honours.

My work is now available for sale. I will be at the Empty Nest tour events with my work and you can also get to look at the community work as I have collated it into a book where you can see and read small snippets of the stories that go with the work.

Eunice Bell

My work can be found on Instagram: eunicebell.maker

If you would be interested in running a similar project or have another idea for a creative community project feel free to message me as I am available to run workshops for a fee.

My number is 07434710770 or email: