Aderyn Taylor-Roberts

Aderyn created the artwork for the Empty Nest album and project.

Working as a creative for 21 years, Aderyn is mostly known for her abstract landscapes and florals, which have been commissioned privately, and she has been included in various national and international gallery exhibitions. She works with a range of media but is consistently drawn back to painting and drawing. Her most recent works have included a far more minimalist approach of just the drawn line in response to the joys and challenges of motherhood – the simplicity vs the complex, the isolation vs the relentless contact, the ending vs the beginning.

Drawing in response to shared experience and music (especially from Fiona), her works allow the line to ebb and flow with the changing pulse and rhythm of the composer and emotional memory. By bringing her works to life through a digital finish, it allows the all important space between the drawn lines to shine through – just as in motherhood, the space between the lines where our hearts lie is fundamentally significant and is actually the inextricable connection between her works of art and her motherhood journey.

Known her for her legendary nibbles, known in Fiona’s house as ‘Aderyn food’, Aderyn has awesome culinary skills, makes her own natural products including soap and skincare items, and is passionate about eco-friendly issues and natural medicine.

Her favourite things are walking with God, being creative (in art, media, music and play!) and spending time with friends and family❤️🙏🏻✨

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