The competition

Calling all singers! Would you like to take part in a singing competition, based on the Empty Nest songs? The winner will receive a one hour lesson from West End singer Tabitha Webb, probably on Zoom (depending where you live), and an mp3 copy of themselves mixed in with the backing track.

Tabitha as Christine in The Phantom of the Opera on the West End stage. Photo by permission.

Here’s what you do. After the launch (on 20th Nov), choose which song from the album you’d like to sing. You can download the words here:

  1. OK, here you go
  2. You’ve been a whirlwind
  3. When will it be my turn?
  4. Brand new life
  5. Hello, little bird
  6. Night feed
  7. Spinning plates
  8. Good enough
  9. The Fear song
  10. OK, here I go (reprise)
  11. Blessing
  12. Empty bedroom

Request the backing track for your song from, and I’ll send you an mp3.

Record yourself singing along to the backing track (playing the backing track through headphones, so the original sound doesn’t come through). Tip: With the headphones, have one side on, one side off, so you can still hear yourself. It’s fine to send a video from your phone, I’ll only be using the audio.

We’ll listen to your entries, inserted into the music, and the three best will be sent to Tabby. She will choose the winner, who will receive a one hour lesson from her!

Deadline for entries: February 26th 2022